One of the Erza Scarlet's armor - Adamantine Armor

One of the Erza Scarlet's armor - Adamantine Armor 1

Adamantine Armor


The anime portrayal on this armor is pretty different through the manga one particular. In the particular manga, the Adamantine Suits is shown to get a mildly dark color, and also 'devilish' characteristics. The breastplate consists of different clothing joined in concert from the girl neck, along with four, prominent tube-like ornaments within the front, suitable above the girl breasts, beneath the high armored collar. The glenohumeral joint pads are very large and also sport visible plates molded like spikes, protruding from a far darker part which often composes the camp of the particular structure; the gauntlets are very large also, composed associated with plates, and get tighter close to Erza Scarlet’s wrists.

The waistguard consists of what seems as if chainmail, with visible metal spikes that come with it and also hanging down to the girl thighs, and the particular greaves reach up to the upper part of Erza’s shown thighs, while using knee pads sporting visible, decorative horn-shaped protrusions within the sides. The armour is completed by way of helmet which often covers the top and the particular sides associated with Erza’s face, leaving the spine part associated with her scalp exposed, and also sporting visible spikes jutting outwards. In the anime, the particular armor can be depicted because whitish sterling silver and lighting blue, with a lot more 'high-tech' layout.

It is made up of helmet, along with two attached roundish spikes, with a number of more spikes covering the girl side, the glenohumeral joint pads are much smaller sized than these are in the particular manga, they have rounder spikes, and significant spheres in the upper parts of her hands and wrists, the waistguard is made of formed clothing, with zero sign associated with chainmail, and Erza's hip and legs under the item are completely included in black, along with tight-fitting trousers. The cartoons also adds a couple large shields to the armor.

Unique Features

Erza puts a stop to Jupiter's strike

Immense Safety

This armor could be the ultimate, high-level defensive stance. Even though wearing the item, Erza can withstand the particular Magic gleam fired through Phantom Lord's Enchanting Convergent Canon - Jupiter. Despite the girl receiving injuries and the armor splitting into process, she however successfully protected the whole Fairy Butt Guild and most of its users.


Even though wearing this kind of armor, Erza Scarlet gains the opportunity to fly but only reserved for short mileage.

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