30+ Autumn desktop backgrounds

30+ Autumn desktop backgrounds 1

Autumn does not have to be depressing time

Depending on the place you live in the world Autumn is exciting or casual for many but, for others, it brings seasonal depression with feelings of worry, anxiety, sadness and inconvenience in the form of anxious moods.

You can read more about Autumn depression here if you like.

Do not forget though how beautiful colors of the Autumn can have and despite rain, wind and cold outside your home or office. You can improve your mood by applying one of the following desktop wallpapers to your device we've choosen as the best in our opinion.

Make your computer or mobile vivid !! ... and do not forget to share them with your folks.

1) Autumn House by the River (1920x1200)

2) Autumn Reading (1920x1080)

3) Crisp Autum Leaves (1920x1080)

4) Autumn Grazing (1920x1080)

5) Autumn in Red (1920x1080)

6) Autumn Lake (2048x1365)

7) Autumn Alley (1920x1200)

8) Red Autumn Tree (1920x1200)

9) Autumn Forest Road (2560x1600)

10) Beautiful Autumn Colors (2560x1600)

11) Autumn Wind (1920x1200)

12) Road with Leaves (1920x1200)

13) Autumn Forest (1920x1200)

14) Autumn Lake (1920x1080)

15) Autumn Leaves on Bridge (1920x1200)

16) Reflection of Autumn Trees (1920x1200)

17) Autumn Lake in Golden Red (1920x1200)

18) Autumn Fire (1920x1200)

19) Autumns World (1920x1200)

20) Forest Fall (1920x1200)

21) Stone Bridge (1920x1200)

22) House in the Mountains (1920x1200)

23) Mountain Lake in Autumn (1920x1080)

24) Mountain Lake in Autumn (1920x1416)

25) Forest Cathedral (1920x1416)

26) Marby Mill (1600x1067)

27) Golden Autumn (2560x1920)

28) Nature's Colors (1920x1200)

29) Autumn River (2048x1280)

30) Autumn Falls (2025x1266)

31) Autumn Sunburst (1920x1200)

TELL US please, which of them do you find the best?

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