Stand by Me Doraemon

Stand by Me Doraemon 1
Stand by Me Doraemon is a Japanese 3D animated movie released in 2014. It is based on the iconic Japanese Doraemon manga series from 1969. The movie premiered an English-dubbed version at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 24.

Doraemon, the big blue cat is the best friend an awkward, sluggish fourth grader kid Nobita Nobi who is always bullied by his classmates.

He shows up through Noby’s desk drawer one random afternoon and announces that he’s been sent back in time by Noby’s great-great-grandson to spare him the bad marriage and even worse future that awaits if someone doesn’t take drastic presentive measures. Doraemon’s task is to give Nobi the confidence he needs to improve at school, stand up to bullies and woo Sue when the time comes.
The movie is very popular. It was released in over 60 countries and earned over $86 million internationally.

We have some Doraemon Wallpapers on our website from The movie and from earlier TV Series.

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