God, Spare the Turkey! Get Thanksgiving Wallpapers

God, Spare the Turkey! Get Thanksgiving Wallpapers 1
When I first came to America many thing were new to me. One of them was the tradition of the Thanksgiving Day. I entered my friend’s apartment and I saw a bird on his computer desktop. It was strange-looking, I have never seen it before. Why would someone put such a wallpaper, I thought.

He soon explained that it was a special Thanksgiving Day wallpaper and the bird was called a turkey. He explained that it is prepared as a typical food for Thanksgiving dinner, but I still didn’t know where the idea came from.

I had to do the research and I learned that this day commemorates the first settlers who came to Plymouth and established a colony on American soil. They belonged to the Protestant Church and were seeking religious freedom as they could not find it in Europe even though they had tried going from one country to another. Before they landed in Plymouth Bay, they had endeavored to start a new life in England and the Netherlands.

When they reached the New World they decided to settle and Plymouth Colony turned out to be one of the first successful English colonies in North America. At that time there were few such places in Virginia and we should not forget about famous Jamestown.

Now Americans have the Thanksgiving Day every year on the fourth Thursday of November. Some people claim that the date is connected with old English tradition to thanking for the good harvest, but the theory is far-fetched as the ending of harvest in England is much earlier – at the end of the summer.

Some people also believe that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Plymouth settlers in 1621, but it is also improbable. Wherever the truth lies, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday and since then it has been a nation-wide tradition.

Americans roast turkey and have a Thanksgiving dinner which is preceded by saying grace. I’ve always wondered why the turkey? Maybe the first settlers were hunting them and they became their main source of meat?

Every year one bird is left off the hook. It is spared by the president during a cheerful ceremony. However thousands of others perish and are consumed.

In Canada Thanksgiving is held on the second Monday of October. It has more to do with harvest end than the U.S. Thanksgiving and consequently the traditional feasts include an apple pie, various kinds of fruit, sweet corn, pumpkin pie and turkey of course. Although formally the holiday takes place on Monday, the Canadians celebrate during the whole weekend.

Thanksgiving along with Christmas and New Year comprises so called holiday season and 2015 Thanksgiving will not be an exception.

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