Waiting for the Santa

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We all know this chubby bearded guy dressed in a red hat and a red coat with white cuffs who shows up at about Christmas time and comes to visit our houses, right? It is commonly known that he moves around in a quaint vehicle which happens to be a sleigh drawn by several reindeer and it is even curiouser, as Alice would undoubtedly say, that he does not use it to slide on the snow, but he soars on it up, up and away. He literally flies in the sky!

Ok, so why does he do that? Have you ever woken up in the morning, on Christmas Day, only to find some presents in your sock or under the Christmas tree? Did you wonder who had put them there? Yep, that was his doing. Ask your parents, they will tell you. However it still does not answer the obvious question – why?

It may be hard to believe it, but this jolly, kind-hearted, elderly man has only one thing on his mind: to bring presents to all good children and to make their Christmas as merry as possible.

To this goal he travels by night and when all good children close their eyes he goes from one house to the other, parks his sleigh on the roof, dives down the chimney and when he’s inside he leaves the Christmas gifts for the whole family. Just try to imagine how difficult it must be to avoid waking them up!

The Santa Claus (that’s his name, although some call him differently) is supposed to have been an Ancient Greek bishop who lived in the town of Myra. He came by the name of Nicholas at that time. The legend says that he gave all his wealth to the poor. He shared with them everything he’d got. This would explain his inclination to give presents nowadays. Old habits die hard.

After his death we became one of Christian saints, as everybody was impressed by the life he had led. Thus the Saint Nicholas was born and gradually his legend spread around the world.

Now you can meet him in every supermarket or mall. You will find him in commercials and on TV cause he has starred in numerous movies and TV productions. You will see the Santa wallpapers on the computers. Santa will visit you whether you like it or not. I know you like it, though. Everyone does!

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