Christmas Traditions of the World

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There is no question that Christmas is the most unique and special time of year. All the people around the world prepare for it. This preparation includes buying presents for your family and friends during the shopping season which starts on the Black Friday and for some shopping-lovers lasts until the New Year’s Day.

We decorate our homes and the most important item in this regard is our Christmas tree. We do can put the chains and bulbs on it to make it even more beautiful and breathtaking.

This time of year the streets of small towns look astonishing as the fronts of many houses are decorated with Christmas lights. Inside our houses there are garlands, Christmas bows and candles. Of course, we cannot forget about the candies for children. Everywhere you look there is some Christmas item, which won’t let you forget about this exceptional time. Even computers are dressed, if I may say so, in Christmas wallpapers.

People celebrate Christmas in different ways. One of the main differences is food. It varies depending on a country and even a region of a particular country.

In America people mostly eat various kinds of meat, such as: pork, poultry of all kinds, beef. Typical American Christmas food includes also cranberry sauce (or jelly), eggnog with cinnamon, gingerbread, mashed potatoes, mixed nuts and many others.

In some European countries, however, fish (such as carp, mackerel and herring) are more popular than meat when taking Christmas dinner into consideration.

The sign which tells you that you can start celebrating is the first star appearing in the sky, also called the Star of Bethlehem. According to the Bible it has shown the three Magi who wanted to greet the newly-born baby Jesus in this world. When it gets dark, children often look in the sky and when they notice the first star they know that the celebration of the Christmas Eve can begin.

People give presents to one another, but they do it on different times. Some of them unpack their gifts on the Christmas Eve, some of them do it on the next day in the morning. Some people put the presents under the Christmas tree at night and in the morning they pretend in front of their children that it was the Santa who brought them and let’s face it – kids love pretending they believe it!

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