30+ girls with beautiful sensual eyes desktop wallpapers

30+ girls with beautiful sensual eyes desktop wallpapers 1
Eyes are the most important for men at the first glance at women (according to different studies). Smile is second and breasts are third. So we prepared great set of beautiful women desktop wallpapers with extraordinary eyes.

Every wallpaper is available in whole bunch of resolutions which you may choose visiting picture details.

Just click on any picture and you'll go to the details.

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1. Aria Giovanni (max 1920x1200)

Adults know her from ... I cannot say. Beautiful, sexy and sensual.

2. Angel Kiss (max 1920x1200)

3. Krista Ayne (max 1680x1050)

4. Amanda Seyfried (max 2560x1440)

5. Amanda Seyfried (max 1920x1080)

6. Amanda Seyfried (max 1920x1200)

7. Jessica Alba (max 2560x1440)

8. Rachel Bilson (max 1920x1080)

9. Angelina Jolie (max 1920x1200)

10. Angelina Jolie (max 1920x1200)

11. Dana Hamm (max 1800x1130)

12. Aishwarya Rai (max 1920x1200)

13. Eufrat (max 1920x1080)

14. Adriana Lima (max 1920x1200)

15. Adriana Lima (max 1920x1200)

16. Cassie Ventura (max 1920x1440)

17. Sunny Leone (max 1600x1200)

18. Petra Nemcova (max 1920x1200)

19. Kristina Akheeva (max 1920x1280)

20. Neha Sharma (max 1920x1200)

21. Monali Thakur (max 3680x2456)

22. Esha Gupta (max 1920x1200)

23. Shazahn Padamsee (max 1920x1080)

24. Amber Heard (max 1680x1050)

She is perhaps not the most beautiful woman in the world, but I personally must admit she has 'something', especially in her eyes. For me she is one of the most intriguing hollywood actresses.
Amber Heard wallpaper

25. Amber Heard (max 1920x1200)

Amber Heard wallpaper

26. Madelyn Monroe (max 1920x1200)

27. Alyssa Framm (max 1680x1050)

28. Mila Kunis (max 1920x1080)

29. Parvathy Nair (max 2048x1365)

30. Priscilla Caripan (max 1920x1200)

31. Aiswarya Devan (max 2048x1365)

32. Emily Didonato (max 1440x1498)

33. N/A (max 1920x1200)

We cannot figure out who is she but on this this picture she looks astonishing.